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If you qualify, our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers can STOP your home foreclosure and trustee sale.

If you qualify, our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers can stop your home foreclosure and trustee sale with Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Serving all of Thurston County, WA.

When it comes to saving your home from foreclosure, time is of the essence.

Filing for bankruptcy in Washington State can put an immediate stop to your trustee sale. Get in touch with a skilled Olympia Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney from our firm today to see if you qualify.

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If you’re an Olympia homeowner facing foreclosure, you may be able to save your home.

If you are behind on your mortgage and other bills, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition is often the best and only way to stop your home from being foreclosed upon sold at a trustee sale. In fact, for many of our clients, it’s like a kind of miracle. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables them to get caught up on their mortgage while often wiping out 100% of their unsecured debts.

Falling far behind on your mortgage doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, your finances are already in bad shape before you reach the point where foreclosure becomes a possibility. It’s likely you should have considered bankruptcy months ago, but is there any way you can save your house from foreclosure now?

Indeed, there is. Not only can filing for bankruptcy help you save your house from foreclosure, you may also be able to protect up to $125,000 of your home equity. Along the way, you can also eliminate most, if not all, of your unsecured debt, repair your credit score, and stop all of those harassing phone calls from creditors.

If this sounds appealing, contact one of our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers today for a free consultation and find out if you can save your home from foreclosure. Our Thurston County home foreclosure lawyers not only serve Olympia, but all surrounding cities as well. These include but are not limited to the residents of Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Rainier, and Rochester, WA.

Our Thurston County, WA lawyers understand that saving your home is your highest priority.

When you buy a home, it’s one of the happiest days of your life. It’s not only the place where you will raise a family, but it’s a symbol of your hard work. Nobody falls behind on mortgage payments intentionally, but sometimes things happen in your life that can cause you to encounter financial troubles.

A prolonged illness or losing your job can mean weeks or months of trying to get by with little or no income. You may max out your credit cards in an attempt to stay on top of your bills, but eventually you fall so far behind that there is simply no way to get caught up.

Debt collection agencies, banks, and creditors do not care about your personal problems. They will harass you for money, call you at home or work, and will even kick you out of your home. Most people facing foreclosure probably should have considered bankruptcy well before reaching this point, but their desire to do the right thing prevented them from taking this action.

Filing for bankruptcy does not make you a failure. In fact, it is likely the best way for you to keep your home and press the financial reset button. If you qualify, our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers can do just that.

When your financial situation is dire, you have alternatives. Our Thurston County home foreclosure attorneys are here to help.

Our Olympia bankruptcy attorneys can help you determine whether you can save your home from foreclosure. The second you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the foreclosure process stops. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help you save enough money to get caught up on your home mortgage. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to consolidate your debt, including mortgage arrears and penalties, so that you can get caught up in as little as 3 years. This is why Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often called the “home saver plan.”

You have far more invested in your house than mere dollars. Your home is full of memories. It’s your place of refuge. It’s something you’ve worked hard to maintain. If you’re facing the threat of foreclosure, explore your options with help from one of our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers. It may just be the smartest financial decision you’ve ever made.

Olympia, Washington, home foreclosure, and you.

Olympia has some of Washington’s most beautiful homes. There are countless neighborhood parks and some great schools where your kids can get an exceptional education. And, if you are looking for some great general information about the City of Olympia and the people that live here, we highly recommend the city’s “About Olympia” page.

If filing for bankruptcy proves to be your best option, you should take a look at the website for the Bankruptcy Court for Washington’s Western District. There are two court locations – one in Seattle and the other in Tacoma. Your case will be filed in the Tacoma branch of the U.S. District Court. Remember, if you have questions, our Olympia home foreclosure attorneys have the information and the answers you seek. We’re here to help!

Should you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

While both options will stop home foreclosure, your ability to file for either depends largely on your income. We use a means test to determine whether your income is above or below the Washington median average. If it’s below, you can file Chapter 7. If it’s above, you can only file Chapter 13.

From there, we need to take a closer look at your entire financial situation to determine which option will allow you to save your house. So, how do you take the next step?

Contact one of our Thurston County bankruptcy attorneys for a free consultation today!

You may have fallen behind on your mortgage because your wages were being garnished due to some other debt. When you file for bankruptcy, all wage garnishments stop immediately. This alone could free up enough money to help you get caught up on your home mortgage.

Find out how you can save you home by contacting our law office for a free consultation. We will put our experience to work for you by maximizing the amount of debt you’re able to discharge while working diligently to save your home from foreclosure.

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