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Credit Card Debt

Want to wipe out your bills and keep your property? Our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers can help.

Wipe out your credit card debts and keep your property! Our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers in Thurston County, WA can help.

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For most of our Olympia, WA bankruptcy clients, filing for bankruptcy wipes out 100% of all credit card debt. Get in touch with our law firm today for a free evaluation to see if this may be a good option for you!

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Is credit card debt making your life miserable? Our Olympia bankruptcy attorneys can help.

Credit cards are a great way to pay bills and make purchases. Not only are they convenient but many credit card companies offer incentives to use their card, such as airline miles and cash back rewards. However, if you fall behind on credit card payments you could end up so far in debt that there’s no way to pay them off.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that credit cards have high interest rates. The other is that credit card companies often give their customers lines of credit that are too large. If you get laid off of work or have a prolonged illness, you may need to use your credit card to buy groceries or even keep up with car payments, but once the debt reaches a certain point, there is no way to keep up with the interest, much less the principle.

Our Thurston County debt relief lawyers not only serve Olympia, but all surrounding cities as well. These include but are not limited to the cities of Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Rainier, and Rochester. Call now for a free initial consultation to get the information you need, as well as to learn more about how we can help.

What happens when you can’t keep up with credit card payments? Let us help you stop all harassing creditor calls immediately!

All it takes is one missed payment for the phone calls to start. At first, they are friendly reminders that you are behind. After the second month, the tone of these phone calls becomes more threatening. If you miss a couple more payments, the credit card company will likely sell your debt to a collection agency. These companies can be downright mean. They may call your employer or even family members trying to coerce you into paying. They may even use devious tactics that border on unscrupulous.

First and foremost, don’t let a collection agency trick you into making payments on a credit card debt that you can’t afford. Our Olympia bankruptcy attorneys can help you explore options that will force them to stop contacting you so that you can get back on your feet financially. They may try to tell you that declaring bankruptcy will ruin your credit, but that is far from the truth. Bankruptcy is quite possibly the best way for you to completely eliminate all of your credit card debt, so contact one of our Thurston County bankruptcy lawyers and get the facts.

Bankruptcy laws were created to help hard working people get a fresh financial start.

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all of your credit card debt is discharged. If you file Chapter 13, unsecured debt like credit cards is paid off last, but only if you can afford it. In most cases, all or most of your credit card debt is discharged. The second you petition the court for bankruptcy, credit card companies and debt collection agencies can no longer contact you in any way. If your wages are being garnished by any of these entities, that stops too.

Now you can see why bill collectors will say anything to prevent you from contacting an Olympia bankruptcy lawyer. It’s in their best interests for you to stay mired in debt forever. Don’t get trapped in the downward spiral of credit card debt. Contact one of our experienced Olympia bankruptcy attorneys today and let us help you hit the financial reset button.

Olympia, Washington, credit card debt, and you.

As a resident of Olympia, you probably use your credit card every day. You use it when you go to the supermarket. You use it to buy your kids back-to-school clothes. You may even use it to pay monthly bills so you can rack up those airline miles. You can even use a credit card to make payments to the city of Olympia for trash removal and other municipal services.

As long as you can keep up with the monthly payments, you will never have to worry about interest on money owed. However, if you fall behind, your debt continues to grow. If it grows to the point where you can’t ever recover financially, then you may need to file for bankruptcy. Olympia residents file in the bankruptcy court for Western Washington. These courts are located in Tacoma and Seattle. Check out this link to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s filing fee page, if you would like to learn more about filing fees.

And, if you would like to learn about our flat-rate fees, contact one of our Olympia bankruptcy lawyers for more information. We always offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all new potential bankruptcy clients. There is still a lot of confusion out there regarding credit card debts and bankruptcy, most of it coming from unscrupulous creditors. And, we want you to understand your legal rights and options when it comes to eliminating and completely wiping out all credit card debts by filing for bankruptcy relief and protection.

Keep your property, and stop the cycle of credit card debt by contacting our law office for a free consultation.

If you’re considering bankruptcy, we urge you to stop using your credit cards immediately. You may also want to stop making any more payments on unsecured debt, because it may free up some cash for other purposes. However, if you do either of these things, be sure to file for bankruptcy before a creditor tries to garnish your wages. Some people may tell you to go on a shopping spree with your credit cards before declaring bankruptcy, but this is credit card fraud and could get you in a heap of trouble.

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To find out whether you qualify, contact one of our Olympia bankruptcy attorneys today for a free consultation. Eliminate credit card debt. Keep your property. Stop the harassment and enjoy a fresh financial start.

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For most of our bankruptcy clients in Olympia, WA, filing for bankruptcy eliminates 100% of all credit card bills. Serving Olympia and all of Thurston County.
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