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Bankruptcy Attorney Erin M. Lane, Partner

No one likes the thought of having to file for bankruptcy.  It's scary.  It's embarrassing.  And, many people doubt that they can even qualify for bankruptcy.  Our debt relief attorneys want you to understand that you have very important legal right when it comes to your debts.  The Bankruptcy Code was designed to help good people who suddenly find themselves down on their financial luck, frequently as a result of something totally out of their control.

If you are finding it difficult just to pay your rent, keep gas in the car, and food on the table every month, there's a good chance that you can qualify for bankruptcy protection.  We can pre-qualify many of our clients over the phone just by asking them a series of questions about their income, their debts, their monthly expenses, and their assets.  Many of the people who call our Olympia bankruptcy legal services offices are surprised to learn that they easily qualify for bankruptcy protection and debt relief.

If you can qualify, it's hard to describe how truly powerful of a financial tool bankruptcy can be. Imagine never paying your credit card debts or medical bills ever again.  Bankruptcy can also wipe out almost every type of lawsuit, stop any repossession action, and put a halt to any wage garnishment.  Almost every "unsecured creditor" will be wiped out.  This also means no more harassing phone calls at all hours of the day or night.

If you have questions about whether your personal financial situation will enable you file for bankruptcy relief, we invite you to call now to learn more about your legal rights.  One of our Olympia bankruptcy attorneys will be more than happy to review your case and then help you to understand what debt relief options are best for you and your family.  You have nothing to lose but your debts!

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